Top 10 Species cats cute in the world, Do you have one ?

We bring to you our collection on the cutest cat breeds on the planet and even the universe.

1.  Munchkin

Never heard of this breed? Well, that’s because it’s a fairly new breed. These cats have a personality that differs from the average cat.  They like to both play and fight with their friends. But, after a long, busy day, the Munchkin, is ready for some snuggling with their owner.  These cats can be characterized by their short legs, sweet personality, and intelligence. Munchkins are great with kids and adults.

2. Bengal

The Bengal is an outgoing, playful, and high-spirited breed of cat.  They look like a jungle cat with leopard spots in varying shades of brown, copper, silver, and grey.  Bengals are full of life and are always ready to spring into action as if going after its prey in the wild.  They are very smart and easily trainable.  The Bengal cat’s name originated from the Asian leopard cat, and has nothing to do with the Bengal tiger.